Breach of Contract Laws in Massachusetts

Contracts are vital to business, real estate transactions, and relationships in Massachusetts. Contracts are legally binding and are a form of protection and assurance for all parties. Despite the importance and reliance on contracts in Massachusetts, there are times when one party disregards or goes against the terms of a contract. When this happens, it is called breach of contract and it is taken very seriously in Massachusetts. If you are faced with a breach of contract situation, Shapiro Law Group, PC, can help.

Types of Breach of Contract

There are many ways a contract can be breached, as each contract can be as individual as the parties involved. One common breach of contract is a failure of one party to provide a service or product. Not providing the agreed upon amount or the promised quality of service can also be breach of contract. Backing out of a real estate transaction or providing false information, such as not disclosing important information about a property, can also be pursued as breach of contract.

In order to successfully pursue a breach of contract claim, it must be proven that the contract was valid. There must also be a loss or damages shown. The loss or damages can be in the form of money or lost profits. If successful, a breach of contract claim can force the party to live up to his or her obligations, or in essence, fix what they breached. It can also result in the awarding of monetary damages that compensate for the cost of the breach.

Experienced Contract Law Firm

Shapiro Law Group, PC, knows a breach of contract claim can be complicated and time-consuming. However, it may be necessary to protect others from becoming a victim in the future. The experienced and innovative contract attorneys at Shapiro Law Group, PC, can review the contact in question and determine if we are able to successfully pursue or defend you against a breach of contract claim. We can give your case the time and resources needed to get you the most favorable outcome. We can also mediate or negotiate a breach of contract claim to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If negotiation doesn’t work, we will vigorously litigate your case and fight to protect your rights. With our knowledge of Massachusetts contract law, you can depend on us to help you navigate any breach of contract of issue.

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