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Personal Injury Settlement
Some people may be hesitant about the option of receiving a personal injury claim. They may have concerns about admitting they would lose in court or getting less than what their claim is worth. However, while it is true that not every case benefits from settling out of court, the option does have its advantages. There are many reasons as to why the overwhelming majority of personal injury cases never go to court. Here is
Personal Injury Damages
Being injured is never fun. The pain and anguish can become overwhelming at times. Fortunately for those who are injured, Massachusetts law allows for the awarding of damages to those who have suffered due to the negligence of others. But, what are the different types of personal injury damages in Massachusetts? Actual Damages Actual damages, in tort law, refer to the compensation awarded in response to any loss suffered by a party or parties. Generally
Modified Comparative Negligence in Massachusetts
In addition to the potential effects on your health, getting involved in a car or motorcycle accident can be a heavy burden on your finances. Medical treatment for any injuries sustained in the accident can be expensive, and it can be even more costly and lengthy if the injuries are severe. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts permits you to file a claim against the other driver and receive compensation if they caused the accident. However, this
Motorcycle Safety Personal Injury
Motorcycle riding can be thrilling, exciting, and freeing. It looks hot and feels cool. But riding a motorcycle is also dangerous. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists were 28 times more likely to die in a crash than automobile occupants. That’s why safety is paramount. Here are some lesser-known motorcycle safety tips from a motorcycle accident attorney. Wearing a helmet is the most important safety precaution a motorcyclist can take. Aside from the motorcycle
Massachusetts Slip and Fall: Dealing with Premises Liability
The idea of a slip and fall injury may sound odd to those whose only experiences with losing their balance have involved scraped knees and immediate recovery. However, these injuries can be quite serious: in 2013, the National Fall Safety Institute reported that they comprised 12% of all emergency room visits. Parts of your body can bruise, bend, or break, and treatment may result in high medical bills. If this happens to you, then you

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