Advanced Medical Directives & Laws in Massachusetts

An advanced medical directive is essentially the same as a living will. It is a legal document that states your wishes and guidelines for medical care in the event you are unable to state those wishes for yourself. As part of comprehensive estate planning, Shapiro Law Group, PC, can draft an advanced medical directive that protects you and your family in the event you become disabled, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to express your wishes.

Benefits of an Advanced Medical Directive

An advanced medical directive explicitly outlines your wishes in writing. This is not just for your benefit, but the benefit of your family members and medical professionals involved in your care. Without an advanced medical directive drafted by a legal professional, families may be faced with overwhelming conflict and turmoil over the course or type of treatment they want for you. That conflict can make an already emotional and difficult time even more traumatic. Disputes over your medical care can even lead to litigation, which can be time-consuming and costly for your family.

When it comes to life sustaining treatment or life-saving measures, you may have very strong opinions or requests. Verbally relaying those opinions or requests may not be enough or may not be something family members are comfortable following through with when the time may come. With an advanced medical directive in place, you and your loved ones have the peace of mind of knowing the decisions have already been made and you have had the final say in your own care.

Experienced Estate Planning Law Firm

The legal team at Shapiro Law Group, PC, knows how personal and difficult these matters may be for families. We also know it is much more beneficial for families to have an advanced medical directive in place and never need it, rather than not have it when one is needed. There may be nothing more personal to you than your health and how you wish to be cared for in the event you are unable to give permission or direction. With our estate planning professionals in your corner, you can rest assured an advanced medical directive that is clear-cut and legally binding is there in the event it is needed. Let our firm help navigate the process of creating an advanced medical directive as part of your estate planning services.

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