Contract Signed Over E-Mail – Massachusetts Digital Exchange Laws

Massachusetts Court of Appeals provides guidance on the enforceability of digitally exchanged settlement agreements The digital age has ushered in novel methods of conducting business, exploring growth opportunities, and seeking restitution. All of these opportunities were exploited by Daniel and Lisa Duff, a pair of homeowners in Hingham, Massachusetts who sought enforcement of a putative […]

Electronic Communication Tips When Filing For Divorce – Massachusetts

4 Tips for Handling Electronic Communication During Divorce During a divorce, we must pay special attention to how we use various forms of technology and electronic communication. All too often, an unsuspecting spouse will find their emails and social media posts front and center in their divorce trial. Due to the pervasiveness of electronic media […]

I-9 Compliance – Immigration Fines & Laws For Employers

Employer I-9 Compliance More Necessary than Ever as Fines to be Increased to a Record Breaking High Effective August 1, 2016, civil fines for immigration-related violations are set to increase dramatically. These new fines will be applied to all penalties issued by the Department of Homeland Security after August 1, 2016 and any violations that […]