Medicare Enrollment Deadline For Dentists and Physicians in MA

Have you made a decision on Medicare enrollment? June 1, 2016 is the deadline for all the providers to either enroll or opt out of Medicare. Traditionally, most physicians, including dentists, have been enrolling in Medicare in order to provide covered services to Medicare eligible beneficiaries through the Medicare Part D plan or Medicare Advantage […]

An Adventure into the Pitfalls of Child Support Modification

Lupoli v. Zografos Authored by: Anthony J. Low, Esq. Nicholas Lupoli was so convinced that his change in income, new paternal duties, and financial submissions, that he vigorously argued to the Massachusetts Court of Appeals that he deserved of a reduction in his child support obligation. The Massachusetts Court of Appeals did not agree. Mr. […]

United States v. Texas: What Will the Supreme Court Decide?

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court hearing on April 18, 2016, concerning President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, the guessing game has begun. Many pundits predict that because we are in an election year and the High Court is equally divided 4-4 between conservatives and liberals (due to the recent death of Justice Antonin […]