Massachusetts Local Zoning Laws FAQ’s

Zoning Laws in Massachusetts Zoning laws in Massachusetts can vary greatly from community to community. These local and regional laws are specifically designed so the community members can maintain a certain level of control over how structures and land are used in their community. Aside from specific Massachusetts city and town Zoning laws, communities may […]

Massachusetts Probate & Estate Planning Laws

Probate Laws in Massachusetts Probate law in Massachusetts refers to the legal process that takes place after someone has passed away. This legal process takes place whether or not a legal will is in place. The process is essentially the necessary legal filings that must occur in order to give the family of the deceased […]

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Rate and Statistics 3rd Quarter 2013

Bankruptcy Rate and Statistics 3rd Quarter in Massachusetts There are a great number of positive economic factors and indicators that point to a steady recovery from the onset of the recession, especially the economy in Massachusetts. However, despite the slight climb towards improvements and pre-recession levels of unemployment and Bankruptcy filings, any Bankruptcy filing by […]